Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Information

The Fremantle Boat Show will be held from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March 2022 and is set to attract 15,000 – 20,000 people across a weekend. It will be designed to be the “Sanctuary Cove Boat Show” for Western Australia, with a strong focus on the on-water displays. The Fremantle Boat Show will allow ample room for big boat and sailing boat displays on water. A new walkway will be built within Fishing Boat Harbour to allow for big boat displays. Restaurants and cafes within Fishing Boat Harbour will be open during the Show to cater for visitors and to offer exhibitors options for function facilities. The Show will also incorporate hardstand displays on the Esplanade for trailer boats, fishing gear, boating accessories and government displays from Department of Transport and Fisheries – Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The event will incorporate two main areas – Fremantle Esplanade and Fishing Boat Harbour. Trailer boat displays will be on land adjacent to the Esplanade lawn and will be fenced off. A marina city will be built within Fishing Boat Harbour (adjacent to Ciccerellos and Kailis Bros and through to Little Creatures) for big boats and sailing boat displays. The event will have online tickets available or purchased on the day at either of the two locations, and will be held over a weekend (Friday to Sunday).

The Fremantle Boat Show will incorporate entertainment, activities and attractions to suit all ages, including a Fishing Zone with the Aquatank Fishing Show; plus as an exciting addition, the event will incorporate the Fremantle Seafood Festival.

Seafood Festival

As part of the Fremantle Boat Show, we will bring back the popular Fremantle Seafood Festival. The Fremantle Seafood Festival celebrates the abundance of seafood and the history of the industry that the Fremantle Port city is famous for. With a world-class array of fresh, organic local produce, combined with the vibrant, fun ambience of Fremantle, the Fremantle Seafood Festival will be attractive to locals and tourists, food, beer and wine enthusiasts, and families looking for a day out.

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